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Episode 017- Context matters (so cut yourself some slack!)

Jun 22, 2021

Whatever you're doing, it's happening within the broader context of your life, community, culture... and those all affect you, so that's what we're going to take into account today- listen now



Today's episode comes with a shout out to my Mind to Win clients. many of whom are just starting to return to competitions for the first time in over a year!

In this episode I want to talk about you in the whole context of your life. What you do happens in that context, whether it's competing with your dog in agility, nosework, rally or hoopers... or growing your business in the context of a relationship, children or caring responsibilities.

Especially as you start to emerge from the weirdness of life during covid, where do you need to be gentle with yourself and allow time/space and grace to adjust?

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