Do you want to start living Bigger, Bolder and Braver?

I’m looking at you. A leader who’s raring to CHALLENGE the status quo, RESHAPE the paradigms of online business and BE the fierce change that’s needed.


Is the tireless pursuit of more leaving you feeling less?


Are you dissatisfied with the culture of wealth, celebrity and cliques leading the online business world when there’s a desperate need for equality and genuine expertise?

The Mastermind with Dr Kathrine is a 12 month growth spurt, bringing together women who are READY for change and want to experience a different kind of impact in their work and in their lives. You’re beyond simply surviving, it’s high time to step into something richer and deliciously satisfying.

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This is a Mastermind that dismantles the systemic ‘norms’ of how you 'should' be building an online business. The online space is filled with noise about constantly reaching for MORE because nothing is ever enough. More launches, more money, more features… But at what cost? 


If you’ve been trying to keep up with popular online business models being peddled, you’ll likely know the cost already: exhaustion, burnout and sacrificing time with people you love.


You quit ‘the rat race’ to run your own business but find yourself caught up in the same pressures, compromises and competition…And even though you’ve achieved the level of success you wanted, you’re now craving a different kind of ‘more’ that isn’t just money and popularity. You want more impact and now real CHANGE to what you see in your industry.


Does this sound like you?


This is your invitation to make those powerful, systemic changes and step with me outside of the way things have been done before. Not just for your sake, but for the wider impact you can have on the world around you. 


The world of online business needs leaders and experts who are unafraid to shake things up.


Dr Kathrine is a sociologist, qualified psychotherapist and coach who is calling TIME on ‘the way things are’ and ‘the way things have always been done’. It’s time to get outside the echo chamber that just amplifies the voices of the rich, famous and powerful. It’s time to shatter that mould so that real knowledge, real expertise and fresh perspectives are heard - that’s where you come in.

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The Mastermind is designed to help you get clarity on a new, different way of doing things inside and outside of your business so that you ARE the change, not just playing at it.


What You’ll Discover In The Mastermind:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you have been, who you are and who you were created to be- not just as an individual but as a member of society and legacy builder for future generations
  • Understand the context of your life and the systemic issues shaping you and your clients. As a sociologist, Dr Kathrine has studied the blindspots that keep people from operating outside of the systemic norms and maintain systems of inequality and prejudice
  • Truly comprehend the influence you have and the impact that is possible for you to have with your one fabulous life
  • Get direction on how to craft your business with an intentionality that you never dreamt of before
  • Unlock what a rich and purpose-fuelled life really means for you


Once you go through this Mastermind you’ll never look at the world or yourself in the same way again. With a heightened awareness of how you can serve and create impact through the richness of your own life, you naturally navigate the world in a completely different way.


Dr. Kathrine is a sociologist, high performance mindset coach & mentor from N. Ireland with over a decade's experience helping sportspeople, entrepreneurs and small business owners to be increasingly successful and live more satisfying lives.

Since 2015 she has developed more 'best life' and business mindset coaching for women, to help them live BIGGER, BOLDER, BRAVER, for a life that is more satisfying, packed with purpose and breaking down barriers.

Dr. Kathrine's programmes passionately reflect her belief that YOU have worth and purpose- none more so than her high performance VIP Coaching: Bigger, Bolder, Braver.

When Dr. Kathrine is not helping women unleash their feisty fabulousness, she can be found exploring the world with her husband & ridiculously cute Lagotto Romagnolo,  messing about in her vegetable garden or working through one of her never-shrinking pile of books!!



 What you’ll get in The Mastermind


Over 12 months Dr Kathrine will guide you through self and systemic development that helps you look at yourself, your business  and your influence in the world differently. 

Course Modules:

  • The Self of The Coach
  • The Blind Spots Maintaining Inequality
  • Your Influence, Your Choice
    Modelling Behaviours To Lead By Example
  • The Mindset of The Generational CEO
  • Understanding Context, History and Creating Deep 2nd Order Change
  • Accountability To Power and Wielding It Intentionally
    Dismantling Limiting Beliefs
  • How To Build A Business With Values, Integrity and Core
  • Creating a Different Route To Success
  • Defining Your Legacy and How To Leave An Enduring One


Dr Kathrine will help you challenge the paradigms so that you might enjoy bigger vision, bolder faith and braver actions - so that you can create the impact you so desire. 

You’ll lose the beliefs about yourself that aren’t serving you, and replace them with the confidence and conviction to live in integrity with who you were created to be.

Why I'm Passionate about change


I've spent thousands buying a ton of big name courses, investing in my personal development and growing my business... but I saw that whilst the gurus' systems and strategies worked for some, for many people, even when they did work, they were unsatisfying. And for others they just didn't work.

As a qualified psychotherapist and sociologist, I began noticing patterns of interaction that felt disingenuous and dishonest at times. Approaches that, at worst, were gaslighting and a form of spiritual abuse. Too often I saw those failing told that their mindset wasn't right and they just had to believe more. I saw people shamed for struggling and told to work on their manifestation skills and it would all work out. I also saw insiders who, when they questioned the gurus, were treated as outsiders and cultic pile-ons ensued. These things should not happen in a healthy community, and if they do, the leader should not tolerate them... and yet…. It was happening.

Watching these patterns repeat, and watching whose voices were given weight v.s those who were disparaged, I pulled back. This environment was toxic and I wanted nothing to do with it. But this is the online world, and these are the leaders so many people turn to with their multi-million dollar launches... I mean, they must be right, surely??

I really felt like God was nudging me to detox from it all and prepare for a different way to do things. That's what I've been building on, unlearning what I'd learned and learning afresh what it can look like to do business a different way.

I don't have all the answers, and that's the point. What it looks like for me when I'm showing up as God created me to be is not necessarily AT ALL how God created you to show up! And that's GOOD. We need diversity. We need all of us showing up, being our best selves. That's where my Mastermind comes in…


Here's what other women on a mission have to say...


If you want a kickass mentor Dr. Kathrine is your woman! 


"I don't just work on my body, I work on my mindset too. For over a year now I've been working with this 5-star lady, and her support has been invaluable. In that short time, she has helped me through some of my toughest times, given me the confidence to achieve some amazing things"

- Award Winning Founder, Red Yew Studio




I will be forever grateful for the changes she has brought about. 

"Dr Kathrine not only improved my agility mental game, but also my personal relationships and in my business as an animal behaviourist... Kat has made a huge difference in my life, she is approachable, down to earth and genuine. 


- Sue Kewley, Animal Behaviourist 




I know without her help I would not be so focused on honouring my true self at every step.

"Our relationship has been such a powerful driving force in my business and personal evolution. Kathrine has a relentless commitment to calling me out when I try hide behind what is safe and familiar; a passionate dedication to ensuring I am always envisioning and actin upon steps to achieve my greatest potential and an unwavering skill in asking the hard questions to allow me to move beyond fear and self-doubt"

- Sian Gilmartin, Founder Wild Heart Wellbeing

Here are some FAQs...


Dare to live your dreams


Believe you are meant for more


The confidence to fulfil your purpose

What’s the urgency for change?


There’s a wave of change coming and NOW is the time to ride the wave. Maybe you’ve felt this for a while with online businesses, you’ve felt an uneasiness with the way things are done right now. Sure, it’s made you money, but it’s not sitting right…

Are you going to sit on the sidelines, shy away from this work and continue to operate with hidden beliefs and prejudices that hurt your clients and others?

Are you going to unwittingly perpetuate existing systems of inequality, and privilege the same voices as so many others do?

Will you lose out on learning from real experts who are outside the entrenched stereotypes displaying ‘celebrity’ or ‘wealth’?

Are you content to remain part of a paradigm that is rife with gaslighting and spiritual abuse?

Are you going to miss out on 'connecting the dots' between your business, the rest of your life, and the impact your choices and use of influence can have on the world, not just now but with a generational legacy?

How long can you tolerate being successful but unsatisfied?

The life you WANT and the change you’re craving isn’t going to come about by accident.

I can tell you already that “waiting until you have time” - it ain’t gonna come!! Especially when you’re subscribing to a relentless cycle of hustle-launch-burnout-repeat. Something’s got to give here. 

It’s not healthy and we weren't created to be this way. I’m inviting you to step into how YOU were created to be.

What will you choose? Will you rise up and discover what you’re REALLY capable of in 2021 and beyond? Or will you let another year go by all too fast, dodging the challenge that beckons....


Join the powerful collective of leaders who are making waves and transforming more than just their own lives as a result of Dr Kathrine’s work. Click the link below to apply for one of the limited spaces in the next Mastermind cohort.