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Episode 011- How do you choose who you listen to?

May 11, 2021

Which coaches do you listen to and why? What makes them trustworthy with your journey? This episode looks at the criteria you use to decide who you want to listen to and trust enough to invest in.



There are endless amounts of programmes and training available online- I've bought many of them myself... maybe you too have swathes of courses you've invested in??

The longer I have been in the online space, the more I have started to question who I listen to, WHY I listen to those people, and whether the criteria I use to decide that are sufficient to grow me, and aren't just criteria that let me feel comfortable and complacent...

That question is what prompted this episode, and I hope it helps you grow too. I know that for some of you, even choosing to listen to this episode will be a stretch, and if that's you, then I applaud you for choosing to listen and thank you for trusting me enough to hear my thoughts on this one.

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