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2 giraffes in their normal habitat in Uganda

Your 'NORMAL' is not normal

Jul 12, 2023

What you think is normal is not. It's normal for you.

It might seem normal to others around you and their 'normal' might match yours. That doesn't make it normal.

Let me give you an example.

I once had a 1-1 with a celebrity coach, who could not wrap her brain around how I could describe my childhood as 'normal' when I grew up in the middle of the N. Ireland 'Troubles' (30+ years of terrorism).

To me, it was all I had known, and I felt like I had been very protected from much of it, and certainly had none of the personal stories that some others of my age would have. It was a 'normal' childhood...

Bomb alerts, having security check your bags as you entered a shopping centre, and getting new clothes in 'bomb damage sales' was what I knew as 'normal'... but I'm going to guess that unless we're of similar vintage and from a similar context, those were not part of your 'normal'.

What any of us consider 'normal' is based in no small part on our personal experience, and that is not a global phenomenon.

Why does this matter?

It matters because it's easy to feel like you're constricted in your normal as if it's the only possibility for you. In many cases, it really isn't. You can change who you spend time with and begin intentionally seeking out people whose 'normal' is different from yours.

Perhaps you're a highly successful individual who needs to intentionally spend time with those struggling to get by in order to better understand their normal and become part of a legacy that changes culture to lift others...

... or maybe you've found yourself believing that things could never go right for you and you need to spend time having your beliefs changed so that you can go beyond the norms you've been constricted by...

Start today by exploring what 'normal' you've accepted and getting curious about what is 'normal' for others who are living at this same time in history, in your country.

* What would you like to see become normal for you?

* What beliefs would need to change to even imagine that for yourself?


Once you've sussed that out, what are you going to do about it? What actions are you going to take in order to adjust your normal to better reflect who you want to become, rather than who you have been? 


It's hard for us to see where we're operating out of our own understanding of normal and unconscious expectations in the world, which is where having someone to walk with you and help you uncover the unhelpful 'normals' can be revolutionary.

That's what I am particularly gifted at, so if you need someone to journey with you in a private, non-judgmental way to help you untangle some of the norms that no longer serve you, then get in touch and let's see how we can work together:


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