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Patience is a virtue...

Nov 28, 2019

My dad saw a t shirt years back, which had a couple of vultures on it, with one saying to the other, 'patience my ass, I'm going to kill something!' 

He reckoned he should've bought it for me because that is apparently how I am.

He wasn't wrong then, and to be fair, he's probably not wrong now. 

I don't know about you, but whilst I can appreciate that patience is a virtue, and I HAVE got better over the years, it's not one that comes naturally to me. Maybe you can identify with this?

You want something and you want it NOW.

You are clear on where you want to get to, and anything that would hold you back needs to be gone STAT, so you can get on with being where you want to be.

Maybe you tend to jump in quickly without pausing to consider the ramifications of your actions?


Personal Development Is An Act of FAITH!

Patience can be a right royal pain in the derrière, but in the waiting, good stuff happens. It's where growth happens, whether that's a child, a puppy or a plant. You KNOW this, and yet at some level, it would be great if growth and progress could just hit fast forward and teleport you to the punchline, right?

Yet in the anticipation is confirmation of your call, of your vision. It's a testing and refinement of your goal. It's a re-affirmation that you remain committed to doing what you need to do... and BEING who you need to become ... in order to reach this next version of yourself.


You don't get the fruit off a tree if you plant the seed one day and then bin it a week later because nothing has grown from it. Heck it might be like the blueberry bush I bought, that didn't blossom, and a year later I found out was in the wrong blessed soil! 

Once I sorted that out, it was amazing! It took time to learn, and patience to see the desired result. And it was worth it. Even if that bush had never yielded fruit, I still learned the lesson for future bushes.

Good things come from the time of waiting, if we will only hang in there long enough, learn what we need to and trust the process.


Are you working on YOU?


I KNOW how tempting it is to want to HAVE without the growth work of BEING, but that's just not how these things go, and if you don't learn the lessons you need to learn at this stage, you'll find they come back around until you DO learn them (often in increasingly tough guises!), and that learning comes before you are unleashed on the next 'level' that you desire.

'What got you here won't get you there' as Marshall Goldsmith puts it. The personal development work that you need to do is crucial to getting where you want to go and having more of what you desire, whether that is impact, free time, money, health or whatever it is you desire.


Bigger, Bolder, Braver YOU

If you're ready to dig in and take the TIME, be patient, and do the deep work of BECOMING, I am accepting applications for my VIP Coaching.

It is not for those who're only thinking about changing or doing something more with their life. This is for people who are so darn impatient, so fired up, that they wholeheartedly identify with the vulture in this picture!

If you are positively busting to do what God put you on this earth to do, and to get rid of every limiting belief and fear holding you back, click the link and apply now.

You'll be glad you did!