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Moving Your Life On & Up

Nov 11, 2019

Every time you 'level up in life' you will strip off something of the old you, and put on something new.

Whether that's your attitudes, your words, your environment, habits, where you spend your time, and WHO you have in your inner circle, outer circles and who exits stage left.

Just like with anything else in your comfort zone, certain relationships feel familiar, and there can be a comfort in that, even when they are downright toxic and have long since ceased to serve you.

Parting Company

Some people will come with you, some friends will be front and centre cheering you on. Others however, will leave or need to be 'released to other opportunities'.

That can hurt, A LOT, and it's not something you set out to do, it's just that as you embrace the best version of who you can be, there are going to be others who don't want to take that road with you. That is absolutely their right, privilege and responsibility.

Assuming that the 'best' version of you is absolutely more loving, more whole, more generous and not some twisted 'not-really-best' ruthless and narcissistic version of 'you', you can grieve the parting of the ways, while honouring that they have to make their choices, just as you have to make yours.

Bless and Release

For some people, the very best thing you can do is bless and release them, and trust that you being the best version of you is the best way that you can help them, perhaps even inspiring their own journey at a different time.

Others' disapproval of your seeking to be the most fabulous version of who God put you here to be is not a good reason to stop seeking to be that person.

Others' doubts about your purpose are not worthy to quash the call on your heart that your Creator put there.

You have purpose, you were created to be a blessing to others, called a MASTERPIECE, and you get this one life on earth to find out what that masterpiece can really look like.

I know it can suck when others doubt you and their fears want to shout down your faith. I know how soul-destroying it can feel when people you trusted and respected want to tell you all the reasons why you are not capable.

New People To Run With

I ALSO know that when you keep walking on, keep your head down and pushing forward towards what God put on your heart, new people will come into your world. You will find kindred spirits and people who fire up your dreams, people who fire you up because they have big dreams too and they're going after theirs so they GET what compels you.

Some people come on a journey with us for a while and then leave. We can honour the time we had with them, grieve the parting of the ways and walk on.

Some people are with us for life: some 'get' us, some don't, but we plough on in faith that they will one day see and be inspired (or at least simmer down with their fearful mutterings ;) )

Some people are front row cheerers in our lives- whether they've been there five minutes or forever. 

There's so much more I want to say on this but I guess you'll have to wait for it to come out in a book...

Takeaway message for today:

There are many reasons why people give up on their dreams, and fear of upsetting others is one of them. I challenge you to think differently and BIGGER about your purpose than whether your life is conveniently sized for the comfort of those around you. Because I can guarantee, if you're going after your biggest dreams, there will be someone for whom it isn't comfortable. And that doesn't make you wrong.


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