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Episode 007- Beyond the White Male Saviour in the Coaching Industry

Apr 07, 2021



If bro style hustling doesn't bring you joy, let's look at why and how to coach and be coached differently... 

 There's a walloping big issue that much of the coaching industry is silent on, and this episode is all about that: context.

You don't exist in a vacuum, you don't just wear a 'business owner' hat... you are many things all at the one time, and you are in a context that is not neutral towards you. When all this richness and complexity is overlooked, you can end up with a 'just follow the programme and you'll be a millionaire by Friday' narrative that bears ZERO resemblance to the real life you are actually living, with all the caring responsibilities you have, the rest of life, and the social barriers that are placed in some people's ways, but that others never have to face.

This episode succinctly dives into that so you can better honour your own context and overcoming, as well as that of those you work with. 


Here's the link to learn more about my mini course:

Beyond the White Male Saviour in the Coaching Industry 

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