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Episode 005- Context Matters: You Don't Exist In A Bubble!

podcast Mar 08, 2021



You have a whole life, a context, and there are responsibilities, stresses and strengths from different parts of your life that impact each of the other parts. 

One of the thing that annoys the stink out of me in the current online coaching world is how much of that context is flat-out ignored, or even pathologised. Perfectly capable people end up being shamed because life happened... they get told their 'mindset' was the issue without reference to the structural inequalities and prejudices that placed barriers in their way which others simply never face...

This gaslighting is wrong and this sort of individualistic treatment of people as if they live in a bubble untouched by anyone or anything else is harmful. It hurts, it limits and I believe there is a much better way that we need to find, so we can stop hurting people and begin to serve them better.

To find out more about this, sign up for my new pop-up course, 'Beyond the white male saviour in the coaching world' which will help you identify both your own context and introduce you to how to use this understanding of context to honour and serve your clients in a radically new and richer way.