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Episode 040- Quit Self-Deprecating

Aug 31, 2022


The voice you hear most in the world is your own, and when that voice has the drip drip drip of putting yourself down whether it's defensive or a sort of false humility... it's an issue. It's not helping you, it's not moving you forward. It may in fact be reinforcing the negative things that you already believed about yourself and making the problem worse, making you feel less confident and less able. 
Whatever the gift wrap you put on it, you're putting yourself down and you're doing it in front of other people. And you're likely to be meaner to yourself than the others around you would be, so you're creating wounds that never needed to be there because of your own insecurities. 
When do you find it tempting to put yourself down in front of others? How can you break this habit? How can you receive a compliment without throwing the gift back in the giver's face? 
Listen now for 3 steps to help you break the pattern. 


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