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Episode 037- Six figures, so what?

Jun 03, 2022



The number of zeros you have does not make you a better person.

My worth as a coach and mentor, my skillset, my value to you is not solely because I'm a 6 figure business owner. 

Excellence is not only measured in a bank account... we can all point to people who are not excellent and who are absolutely financially loaded ! This world gives precedence and power to people who have money. This world loves money. This world loves people who have money. This world will cheerfully turn a blind eye to the less savoury qualities of people who are loaded with a ton of money. That doesn't make it right! 

When we worship money we have a problem. 

Money is a tool to fulfil a purpose. 

Why do you want a 6 figure business? Is it because of the money? The status? What it gives you? If the money itself is the point then I think there's a problem there. 

What's the point of your wealth? It's not just so you can indulge yourself. We are blessed to be a blessing. You receive blessings (and you don't need feel guilty or be miserable about that) but it shouldn't stop there. Much will be expected of you. You have the increased capacity to be an answer to the needs of others, to bless others, to invest in other people, to help make this world a better place. 

Why do you want to be wealthy? Why do you want that extra responsibility?