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Episode 027- Special Guest: Megan Foster

Nov 16, 2021



Reigniting passion & getting a big picture view

My special guest for this episode is Megan Foster who is a business owner and a member of my Mastermind programme. 

Megan is a dog agility coach, trainer, competitor and the founder of Synergy Dog Sports. Like me, she is passionate about looking at her clients in context, not just one small part of the puzzle on its own. 

Megan joined my year-long Mastermind for 2021 because she says, "I had a bigger purpose calling me and I knew you were the woman to go to!" You can hear her explain in her own words what my Mastermind has been like for her. 


For more on what Megan does and how to get involved, check out the links below:

Facebook: Synergy Dog Sports
Synergy Dog Sports FREE Community (FB group)

IG: @synergydogs
Tiktok:       @meganfosteragility 
MightyNetwork: Synergy Dog Sports Community (paid, $5/month).