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Episode 015- No hustle required

Jun 08, 2021

Possibly controversial, but I am pushing back against a culture that treats people like they're machines- listen in! 

If you've been working your tail off, feeling strung out or like you're spread too thin, I want to highlight a different way forward.

As ever, I am particularly speaking to you in the context of running your own business, because you have more control over your schedule than the average employed person... and I'm betting you didn't get into business so you could run at the same unforgiving pace as when you had an employer!

Whether you're employed, self-employed, retired or not in a paid occupation currently, I invite you to consider this un-hustled way forward and how we might be healthier as individuals, as families and as societies if we rejected the trajectory we've been on and gave hustle the heave-ho.

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