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Episode 001- Introduction

Mar 08, 2021


A lot of what is taught about 'success' and 'how to be successful' in the online world today is at best unhelpful, and at worst, downright toxic. 

It doesn't acknowledge that we all have different lives, different responsibilities and that some face barriers to progress that others never do. This inadvertent - or deliberate - unwillingness to face down inequity and honour your unique lived experience leads many capable women in particular to end up feeling shamed, like they're a failure or not enough... when in reality they're in a system that was never designed for them and does not serve them.

Bigger, Bolder, Braver is about helping you live fully as the person you were created to be, in all her glory- not in spite of how she differs from this dominant narrative, but BECAUSE of those differences. You are not less, you are different by design and the dreams on your heart may come to fruition in very different ways than those we are commonly told are 'THE' way/system/programme/millionaire morning routine route to success.

Prepare to breathe deeper, to detox your soul and to step out into the world with a fresh fire in your belly and a resolve to be truly YOU and have the multi-generational impact that you were put on this earth to have.