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How To Lower Stress & Get More Done

Feb 11, 2020

How many internet pages/ tabs do you tend to have open at one time?

Years back I used to feel really productive when I had a ton of tabs open at once like I was getting so much done and being so efficient.

And then I learned more about the brain and found out that actually, they were SLOWING ME DOWN and tanking my productivity.

An online business mentor of mine at the time (Chalene Johnson) one day proposed that we should try to work with only one page open at a time. 'ARE YOU MAD?' I thought. That's not even possible! 

But, you know, she was a mentor and I was paying her, so I should try it, right?

Stress Reduction

What was amazing to me when I took up the challenge, was that I realised how stressed all those pages open had been making me. Even more than the productivity bonus of staying on one task until completion (rather than flitting between them), what stood out more was how much those pages of unfinished thoughts were STRESSFUL. And when I got rid of them, it immediately made me feel less stressed.

What about you? Are you a queen of multiple tabs open? Has your brain been effectively having to try to focus with tabs of distraction chipping away at your focus?

I DARE you to take up the one tab challenge, and literally only have one page open at a time. Finish the task on that page, and then move on. 

Try it! Let me know how you get on!!