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Voulez-vous... experience real downtime?

burnout entrepreneur hustle introvert overwhelm retreat self-doubt Mar 15, 2023

Here's the background to WHY this retreat and WHY I'm running it in this very different way...


1. Most retreats have a big ole group of people... This retreat only has 5 places available.

I work with a lot of introverts and most retreats are designed for people who are energised by being in a big group with others. That is NOT what introverts need to recharge. I recharge by being on my own or with only a couple of people, so I get it that actually, many of us *need* to get away from groups, and the idea of a 'retreat' that promises to surround us with a group is the very opposite of what you'd find rejuvenating!


Instead of having 20 people to experience each day with, this is more what you can expect:

Have you ever imagined walking along historic streets, or spending time sitting at an outdoor café watching the world go by with a flaky buttery croissant in front of you, or perhaps an artistic patisserie that looks *almost* too pretty to eat... 

Imagine having time and space to enjoy the scenery, the food, the culture, without having to worry about anyone else's expectations... just being able to enjoy it all at your own tempo, but knowing that you'll get to join with a small group of fellow business owner women later on to compare notes on the day and enjoy a meal together.


2. Most retreats seem to be heavily programmed... this retreat will move at an altogether more gentle, restful pace

I don't know about you, but the idea of being up at zero dark thirty to do yoga and have break outs sessions and visits and more sessions before more group exercises and evening activities makes me feel exhausted. It doesn't sound restful, and it doesn't sound like I'd get a minute to think my own thoughts or even process what I learned in preceding sessions.



3. Room sharing with strangers is normal ... but NOT on this retreat. Instead you'll have your own room with private en suite.

Perhaps extroverts room-sharing more, but if you're coming on this retreat, I want you to have private space to relax, slob around, journal, nap and do whatever else you want to do, without having to think of anyone else.

So often women are trained to spend our lives looking after everyone else, so this is an opportunity to actually consider what you want, without feeling selfish or guilty. It's an opportunity to meet yourself and just be yourself.



In these 3 ways amongst others, this retreat is going to have a different look and feel to what you likely expect from a retreat. That is intentional and by design.

I get how it feels to want your own space, so I am creating an environment where you can work closely with me,

AND have plenty of time to process, relax, explore and have a wonderfully rich experience in your own style.

If you'd like to take one of the remaining places, you can find out all the juicy details and register here: 


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