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10 years later...

Nov 26, 2019
I must admit I was sceptical when I saw that there's a then/now thing that people are doing on social media to reflect on the past 10 years and what's changed for them. But since I know I haven't shared my story in ages, I thought it might be a fun way for you to get to know me a little more, especially if you're new around here!
If you want to cut straight to the really important bit, scroll down and you'll see just some of the things my clients have achieved through our work together...
Here's a potted history of my last 10 years:
*In 2009 I was living in USA, working on my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy and interning in a child, adolescent and family clinic (which I LOVED)
* I was living on faith, reliant on miracles for my fees to get paid and courtesy of rent-free accommodation from a couple of angels ... but more on that in my book ;) #ShamelessPlug
* Graduated & Inducted into Who's Who of American Graduate Students
* Moved back to N. Ireland (one of 5 moves across 3 countries in the past 10 years)
* Started Mind to Win, my company providing high performance mindset coaching to dog sport competitors worldwide. Having helped thousands of competitors across all sorts of dog sports, Mind to Win has also grown to help competitors in cycling, golf and dressage, from local to international and world champion levels
* Completed my PhD at the same time as building Mind to Win
* Married Ben and gained 2 fantastic step-daughters into the bargain
* Filmed my first DVD for the ultimate brand in the dog sport niche
* Published articles and series for publications such as Clean Run, Agility Voice and Your Dog magazine
* Featured guest on successful podcasts including Leadership Voices and Social Bee Podcast
* Launched my own podcast, The Feisty Life
* Launched my Mental Mastery membership- now entering its 4th year, with members worldwide
* Created 9 online courses, all with successful launches
* Taught my signature seminars in venues across North America and Europe
* Guest lectured to Masters students at a US university
* Spoken at many academic conferences
* Run international mindset camps
* Presented CPD seminars for professions
* Been guest speaker in churches & women's groups
* Delivered guest expert Mindset masterclasses
* Started writing my 1st book
* Continued my own professional and business development, investing 6 figures + in conferences, courses, seminars, mentoring, supervision, coaching and topical training...
A few achievements celebrated by multiple clients...
* Gold medals at world events
* Countless international medallists
* Lost 50+ lbs
* Successfully started the businesses they dreamed of but had previously been afraid to
* Expanded businesses, including those who have had to employ extra staff to meet the demands for their services
* Successfully begun providing online courses and classes themselves
* Recognition as an authority in their field
* Become in-demand speakers
* Saved their marriage
* Achieved promotions
* Set healthier boundaries for more satisfying relationships and reduced stress
* Achieved selection for international squads, to national events, plus gaining titles, qualifications and new responsibilities that they had been held back from previously due to imposter syndrome, fear of failure, fear of what others would think, and more... that's just a few of the things that have been going on here.
I LOVE helping my clients succeed and achieve the dreams they've been scared to even whisper.
That is my passion, and, 10 years later, it is an even bigger, more skilled passion than it was back then.
If you would like to learn more about how you can work with me and start achieving any of this for yourself (or even something completely different!) then go to: to learn more. You can even pick up a free Ebook there!
As we look ahead, what do you want to achieve in the next 6-12 months? How can I help you get there?
Check out 👉 👈 to get started!
I can't wait to see what we can achieve together!!
Kathrine x