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Moving forward with peace of mind: 

I've really enjoyed working with Kat. She's always been enthusiastic and dedicated, and I appreciate the insights she brought to our sessions. Her support was definitely helpful as I worked through some of my business challenges.

Thanks to her guidance, I was able to refocus and dig deeper into the way I approached my business. This shift not only helped my business move forward, under my terms, but also greatly improved my peace of mind... Thanks Kat x

- Cai Graham

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Explore possibility & stay true to your ethics

[Working with Dr Kathrine has] consistently opened doors for me that I didn't even know existed and allowed me to explore beyond what I ever thought possible, all the while staying true to my ethics and values.

Dr Kathrine always asks the right questions to help you sort through your thoughts and push you to think outside of the cultural norms and perceptions of others.

- Megan 


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Empowered & grounded 

I love how Dr. Kathrine shows up in the world... and I'm so glad I took the leap of faith and signed up. Her gentle God-led approach is enriching & empowering and seasoned with a curiosity that invites deeper introspection. I feel more grounded in my identity as a child of God and in who he has created me to be.

- Carolynn

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Sustainable & life-giving empowerment

Business Without Burnout, the Jesus "full fat" version, was a breath of fresh air! Dr. Kat guided us through great topics that helped renew and refocus our outlook and our purposes in business...

Our [calls] were filled with encouragement and straight-to-the-point questions and all on an individual basis...there is no cookie cutter approach by Dr. Kat!

[ I've been] empowered... to go forward in a way that is sustainable and life-giving. Thank you Dr. Kathrine!

- Nell Wirtes

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What customers are saying...

“Working with Dr Kat felt like a spa day for my soul.”

- VIP Day client

“Thank you for honouring my needs... and for creating a lovely few days for me, it was absolutely delightful. The food needless to say was exceptional, especially the picnic and the views and the company and everything... Thank you so much!”

- 1-1 Retreat client

 "Working with Dr Kat has been an absolute joy. We've laughed, cried, challenged and learned.

When safety, truth, openness and vulnerability meet, wonderful things happen!

- Carolina


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