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You're tired of

The voice in your head saying

'You are not enough'

You've worked so hard for so long and even though you've had some success, you know there's more inside you than the world has seen...

And you wonder 'what's wrong with me? Why can't I just DO it?'

You get so frustrated with yourself because you know your life has purpose and you want to have a bigger impact, but you don't know how to change, or even if you CAN change at this point in your life.

All you know is that you don't want to look back on a small life, limited by fear, so you need to do something to make things change.

Here's The Thing...

We've been brainwashed into thinking

'If I just get it right'

THEN I'll feel worthy of success

You spend so much time, money, tears, caffeine and prayer trying to get things 'right', trying to please everyone and feel like you're 'good enough' and yet the biggest key to living that satisfyingly big life has remained hidden from you.

We've all being brainwashed into believing if we just earn more, THEN we'll feel successful and secure. But in reality, money doesn't make you feel 'enough', no matter how successful you are.

Here's the thing: you've been sold a lie.

You ARE enough - and what people need from you is not another course, or another person trying to copy the 'right' way to launch...

They need YOU, authentically being who God created you to be, showing them how to be their authentic, uniquely gifted selves.

I've experienced this myself as I've offered my VIP Coaching and had the privilege of helping these action-taking clients get results faster than ever, whilst commanding rates that respect the value I bring and enable me to pay it forward into organisations working to end human trafficking.

And it's easier than you think.

Develop your courageous mindset and get out of your own way already

You can create the impact you dream of having in your world. Plus you will know you are enough, and doing precisely what you were put on this earth to do.

Imagine what life will be like when you...

Aren't afraid of what other people think

When you can send that email, create that post, share your premium rates, without feeling worried about what people will say or how they might judge you

Know that you are perfectly aligned with your purpose

Serve people who you love to work with and know that you are using all your God-given strengths to help people from your experience and expertise at the peak of your ability

Can see the lasting significance of your work

Have the satisfaction of knowing what you are doing matters and makes a real difference. You're drawing to you people you are skilled at helping and it feels light and joyful, rather than an exhausting slog

This Means You Can Take Guilt- Free Time Off To Spend With The People You Love

The question is, once you're taking the bold actions on your clear vision and you're walking out each day in faith rather than fear... what are you going to do with all your free time?

Now you're not stressing all the time and doing all-the-things to try to feel like you're good enough, will you finally join that Pilates class?

Will you get that weekend away with your beloved which you've been trying to schedule for months (if not years)?

Maybe you'll have a lie-in and a luxurious lazy morning curled up with coffee, a good book and no technology to distract your peace.

You know what you'd rather be doing. Let's work out a plan to get you there.

Live Bigger, Bolder, Braver in 3 steps

Bigger Vision - Get clear on your purpose and passion beyond labels and limiting beliefs

Bolder Faith - Live from your renewed mindset where fear is no longer holding you back

Braver Action - Show up differently, be authentically you, have a real impact on your world

Remove the labels and limiting beliefs holding you back

Working together in a non-shaming, non-judgmental way, we'll replace the false limitations you've learned and replace them with evidence-backed truth, so you can accurately see what you are really capable of.

We'll use your new appreciation of your skills to design and action plan you can confidently follow through, to step out in faith and courage so you can make a real difference in the lives of people who need you to step up.

Let's do this!

But don't take it from me... here's what other women on a mission have to say...


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I run a successful coaching business that changes lives...

I'm living my purpose and love it!

But things weren't always this way...

I am a recovering Queen of Burnout. I worked my tail off, didn't charge anywhere near enough and second-guessed every post... analysing, re-writing and often deleting them, rather than putting my message out there.

Nothing I ever achieved was sufficient to make me feel like I was good enough or knew enough. Even the shiny PhD I was awarded without a single correction needed was not enough to silence that fear of being found out as an imposter.

I knew I was put here to help people and make a major difference, so I had to quit listening to my insecurities and get to work on what God put me here for.

I also knew that I didn't want fear to limit me, so I got serious about my mindset, removing and replacing the beliefs that had kept me playing small for so long.

Now I work less, with clients who are as determined as me to make this one life count.

I have freedom to decide my own schedule and take impromptu time out with the people who matter most to me.

I have been helping women-on-a-mission like you from across the globe for the past decade, to live lives that align with their biggest dreams and strongest purpose- I'd love to help you do the same.

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Have a lasting impact on your world

Quit worrying what others think

Live by faith rather than be limited by fear

Love your work serving people you really enjoy


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