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Standard Terms and Conditions


  • Terms of Operation


All services are provided by Mind to Win, a company operating from, and based in, Northern Ireland. 

Mind to Win provide exclusive coaching and mentoring opportunities to support those who are looking to unlock their bigger vision, explore their limiting beliefs and gain support and guidance to live a life which is more aligned to their purpose.  The services provided by Mind to Win provide support, tools and techniques to stop clients from getting in their own way and lead their business with confidence. Mind to Win have a high success rate with clients and a number of years of experience in helping clients from all walks of life, however, there are no guaranteed results or outcomes.

These terms are available on our website and at the point of purchase you will be asked to provide confirmation that you have agreed to these terms and conditions. Your confirmation will be deemed as accepting these terms in full without amendment or variation. 



  • Fees and Payment Terms 


All fees for services are quoted on a bespoke basis and a separate invoice will be raised stipulating the payment details. Unless otherwise agreed, all fees for services are due in advance. Any payments by instalments must be agreed in writing. Any sums quoted on the website are exclusive of VAT and VAT (if applicable) will be added at checkout).

Any refunds are provided in accordance with your statutory rights. Before any refunds are issued Mind to Win will seek to support you with any concerns and deal with any complaints in accordance with Mind to Win’s Complaints Procedure. 



  • Data Protection


We are committed to protecting your data and personal information. Our privacy policy is available at https://www.drkathrine.com/pages/privacy-policy Please review the detail within our policy for information as to how your personal data will be captured, managed, used and stored. 



  • Intellectual Property Rights


Mind to Win retain all copyright in any documents and materials which are provided to you as part of the delivery of services. As a client you have the right to use any materials as learning tools but you are not permitted to duplicate or provide copies to third parties.  Should you wish to use any documentation for additional or commercial purposes a licence fee can be agreed. 


  • Confidentiality 


Communications between us are confidential. We will take all reasonable steps not to disclose personal information about you and your business save for in circumstances as required by law or by us to perform the internal operations of our business, such as disclosure to an accountant.


  • Complaints and Refunds


We are committed to providing you with a high-quality service that is both efficient and effective. However, should there be any cause for complaint in relation to any aspect of our service, please contact Dr Kathrine McAleese via email: support@drkathrine.com . We confirm that we will investigate your complaint carefully and promptly and take reasonable steps to resolve it with you.

Refunds will be provided in accordance with your statutory rights. 



  • Limitation of Liability


Services are provided to you with reasonable care and skill. We will take all steps to avoid you suffering any liability which is limited to the amount of any fees paid in all circumstances. 

We do not and cannot guarantee any specific results in respect of the coaching, mentoring or any services delivered. 

We will not be liable to you for any delay or failure to perform our obligations if the delay or failure is caused by circumstances outside our reasonable control. We reserve the right to postpone or delay the provision of services at short notice if required by an unforeseen or emergency situation. In such circumstances we shall make arrangements with you to deliver services as soon as practicable thereafter. 

Nothing in these terms seeks to limit liability for death, personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or in any way which may not be excluded by law. 



  • Third Party Rights


No person other than the person provided with a copy of these Terms of Business shall be deemed to have the benefit of the services, or have any rights to enforce or rely on any of the terms.



  • Applicable Law


These terms of business are Mind to Win’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Business and will at all times be construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales. 

The courts of England & Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, or dispute arising out of the terms or any matter connected to it.

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Beyond the white male saviour in the coaching industry

Tired of coaching that ignores life beyond business? Me too.

What you'll get:

✔️ All videos & materials Immediately available online for you

✔️ Easy to follow introduction to understanding the current dominant online coaching and business culture

✔️ Clearly recognise the 'space between' most coaches miss

✔️ Better identify your own context

✔️ Primer to begin serving your own clients more effectively in their context

✔️ Unlock commonly overlooked strengths

✔️ Discover a hustle-free way to grow your values based business without sacrificing what matters most to you

✔️ Lower shame, increase joy and recognise the contextual / cultural lies holding your clients- or you- back

✔️ Accompanying workbook & exercises

This is a self-paced, self-study pop up, so there's no timetable to have to fit in with, beyond what fits your life!


...beautifully articulate and passionate talk that addresses some of the issues that currently plague the coaching industry... it was so refreshing to hear a counter viewpoint to the hustle culture that can seem so prominent in the coaching world. Kathrine faces head on the responsibilities that we as coaches have, to acknowledge the context of our coachees, the systems they are a part of and barriers they may face. Thank you Kathrine for a fantastic experience, and for your impassioned plea to ensure that the coaching world is a place that benefits everyone.

Isabelle Fielding

"A wonderful experience from someone who is clearly knowledgable, articulate and importantly relatable. I gained so much... Validating thoughts and discussions I have had as a woman and as a Black woman..."

Phyllis Woodfine

"So many golden nuggets in there and so refreshing for me as a Black woman to hear certain personal experiences articulated and acknowledged, as well as lots of new things for me to consider"

Adanna Onuekwusi