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Instead of waiting how about starting NOW?

Mar 09, 2020

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It’s so easy to rationalise why ‘now’ is not the perfect time to... start that business... write that book... repair that relationship... stop and actually take care of yourself before you burn out...

This verse was part of my Bible study this morning and I have to say it was a gut punch to me, never mind anyone else.

In looking at the online world I was in & seeing so much that is ultimately toxic & unhealthy for the people in it, I’ve stepped back, to detoxify firstly and then to find language to explain what I experienced.

This was a kick in the pants that the time has come to start talking about what I’ve seen and learned, to start ‘planting’, even though I don’t know what the dickens the weather is about to do.

What about you? What have you been putting off until things are less busy or you feel more confident?

What are you going to get started on now, rather than keep waiting for ‘perfect’ conditions which will never come?

Pop a comment below and let me know what you're going to do! And if you want to go further, faster, let me know what you need and let's come up with a plan to work together.


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